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Sweat is a boutique fitness studio in Fredericksburg, VA. 70+ weekly group classes. Our app keeps members connected with fresh daily content.

Book classes, join waitlists, purchase items from our studio store, see the workout of the day, and more in our custom designed mobile app. Elevate your Sweat experience today!

For the best possible experience at Sweat, we highly encourage you to download the Sweat NATION app from the link below. 
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Immerse yourself in a uniquely tailored fitness experience at Sweat FXBG, a premium boutique fitness studio in the heart of Fredericksburg, VA. With an extensive roster of 70+ group classes offered weekly, our studio has been meticulously designed to provide a diverse and comprehensive fitness regime for every member.

We're not just a gym, but a community-centric hub where members engage in dynamic fitness journeys. Our state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with an expansive range of classes including HIIT, Cycle, Barre, Row, Yoga, and Sculpt, make us one of the top-ranking gyms in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Staying connected and engaged with your fitness routine has never been easier with our bespoke mobile app. This dedicated platform, custom-designed to complement your Sweat experience, is your personal pocket-sized fitness assistant. From daily content that breathes fresh life into your workouts to our intuitive booking system for classes and waitlists, our app puts the power of fitness at your fingertips.

Join Sweat FXBG today and embrace a fitness lifestyle that is uniquely tailored, easily accessible, and wonderfully effective. We're excited to be part of your fitness journey!